Bill Hammons for Colorado Governor 2018


Welcome to the new Hammons for Governor 2018 website!

More content (including more details on my Centrist common sense Gubernatorial platform) to follow.


  1. I Support the Military > If Trump takes the step of firing Special Counsel Robert Mueller, I support the Generals 
  2. Lincoln, D.C. > Ditch the swamp by moving the nation's capital to east of DIA and naming it after one of our greatest Presidents
  3. Eliminate Income Taxes > Replace the Colorado income tax with a revenue measure based on fossil fuel consumption
  4. Crossroads Colorado > More can be done to promote the advantages of Colorado's central position in the country
  5. Defend Colorado at all Costs > We should demand resurrection of the federal "Star Wars" SDI program with Colorado as its focus
  6. Colorado Spaceport Development > Since 2010, I've been publicly pushing for more Spaceport development in Colorado
  7. Life and Death > I support the Right to Choose, and I also support the Death Penalty
  8. Colorado Gun Rights > Like the rest of the Constitution, I support the Second Amendment as it was written 200 years ago
  9. Care for Coloradans > I myself lost my own health insurance due to Obamacare, and support a Colorado Medicare for All system
  10. Colorado Life Insurance > Being a Life Producer, I'm a firm believer in the societal benefits of insurance, and support state funding
  11. Lower the Voting Age to 16 > If you're old enough to drive tons of steel, you should be old enough to vote in the State of Colorado
  12. Approval Voting > A true make-every-vote-count system will encourage desperately-needed competition in our electoral system
  13. Colorado Redistricting > We need drawing of all legislative districts along competitive lines, including with my Denver 7 plan

Read more about the 37-state Unity Party of America (I'm the founder and Chairman) on Wikipedia.