About Bill Hammons

Bill Hammons was born in what was then West Germany to a career Army officer (one of his first memories is seeing the United States for the first time from an airplane window), was raised in West Texas (his maternal grandparents arrived in Odessa, Texas on the original Pearl Harbor Day in 1941), graduated from NYU in 1997 with a degree in English and American Literature and a heck of a lot of student debt before NYU and student debt were trendy, and worked as the Rights Manager at Newsweek for seven years and seven days before moving to Colorado and starting Bill’s List.

One of Bill's proudest achievements is qualifying for the Boston Marathon with 36 seconds to spare, and he’s in the process of moving from the running trails of Colorado’s foothills (where he’s lived for the last 14 years) to the running trails of the Texas Hill Country, partly due to the 12th Amendment to the Constitution.