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Indian Peaks, Continental Divide, Colorado

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2016 League of Women Voters Voter Guide
(answers submitted at the beginning of September):

  1. Background
  2. Priority
  3. Health Care
  4. National Security
  5. National Security #2
  6. Money in Politics
  7. Immigration

Colorado Public Radio Voter Guide Answers submitted in late September:

  1. Abortion
  2. Federal Spending
  3. Climate Change
  4. Colorado's Economy
  5. Affordable Energy
  6. Federal Land
  7. Federal Gun Laws
  8. Affordable Care Act
  9. Affordable College
  10. Affordable Housing
  11. Immigration
  12. Income Inequality
  13. Every Student Succeeds Act
  14. Legislative Focus
  15. Marijuana Legalization
  16. Medicare and Social Security
  17. Federal Minimum Wage
  18. Federal Tax Code
  19. Veteran Care
  20. Syria

Colorado Springs Gazette Voter Guide Answers submitted in late September:

  1. Why Running?
  2. War with Isis
  3. Biggest Challenges
  4. First Year Priority

Boulder Daily Camera Voter Guide Answers submitted in early October:

  1. Partisan Gridlock
  2. North Korea
  3. Obamacare

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