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Indian Peaks, Continental Divide, Colorado

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Candidate Hammons Signs Colorado Two-Term Pledge


Joe Gibbs
Communications Director

Boulder, Colorado Unity Party of America US Senate Candidate Bill Hammons ( has signed the State of Colorado's Voluntary US Senate Term Limits Declaration in anticipation of appearing on the State's US Senate ballot for a 2nd time in 2016. The Elections Division of the Colorado Department of State has confirmed the receipt of the pledge signed by Hammons, and this means the sentence "Signed declaration to limit service to no more than 2 terms" will appear below the candidate's name on next year's fall ballot.

"I'm still suspicious as to how at least one other candidate 'petitioned' onto last year's US Senate ballot when no one outside of the State's Elections office had heard of him until he turned in his signatures," says Hammons, "but I'm grateful that his appearance on that same ballot brought to my attention the option of signing the State's Term Limits Declaration. Federal Term Limits have been a central plank of the Unity Party's platform and my platform from the very beginnings, and I look forward to having this very visible two-term pledge appear below my name on the next ballot.

About Bill Hammons

Bill Hammons was raised in Odessa, Texas of Friday Night Lights fame, earned a B.A. in English and American Literature from NYU, managed Rights at Newsweek Magazine for seven years and seven days, and moved to Colorado for the stunning views and even more stunning running trails. He's the creator of Bill's Boston Marathon Qualifiers Guide (1,900+ followers at along with Bill's List of Talent Agents and Agencies (6,500+ followers at and Bill Hammons' Global and American Politics Guide (1,100+ followers at on

About the Unity Party of America

The Unity Party of America was founded on Nov. 4, 2004. This Centrist national political party now covers 34 States -- latest State: Nevada -- has been officially recognized at the State level as a result of successful Unity Party candidate petitions, and has fielded candidates several election cycles in a row. Its website is

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