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Indian Peaks, Continental Divide, Colorado

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I support self-determination for all peoples everywhere, both here and abroad, in the form of new states wherever and whenever those new states are viable.

For this reason, as well as to inject fresh blood into the staid Senate, I support the creation of new American states like Cascadia (eastern Washington State), Jefferson (created from northern California and southern Oregon), Western Maryland, Pacifica (an amalgamation of Guam, the Northern Marianas and American Samoa along with possibly Hawaii and now-semi-sovereign Palau, Federated States of Micronesia, and Marshall Islands), New York City, Puerto Rico, South Florida, Superior (northern Michigan), the US Virgin Islands and Washington DC.

(Note I left my own state of Colorado off the above list, partly because I like the shape of Colorado as it is, partly because current new-state proposals don't appear viable, and partly because some Coloradans haven't been properly represented in the US Senate.)

And don't forget the "abroad" part. The US offered to buy Greenland from Denmark just after WWII, and that territory would prove more valuable today to the US than to Denmark as a defensive bulwark against, say, a resurgent Russia. That said about Russia, the current situation in Ukraine (as of early March 2014 and as of this update six months later) calls for restraint by the West. A mapping of political boundaries to realities on the ground in that country would instantly create a more stable western Ukraine ready for membership in NATO and the European Union (ready with a Moldova which could also have a new Russian border).

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