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Indian Peaks, Continental Divide, Colorado

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  1. The World is warming.
  2. This warming is being caused by Humankind.
  3. If the World (not just the US) doesn't take action, Global Warming will only accelerate.
  4. Meaningful reductions in carbon emissions outside the US are currently unrealistic.
  5. The US can lead the way in countering the effects of heat-trapping gases (until they can be removed from the atmosphere) by increasing the light reflectivity of clouds
    • While America's technological prowess and can-do spirit are unparalleled, other nations affected by Warming can contribute funding
  6. The US and Colorado can lead the way in creating a Post-Carbon Economy
    • Colorado's 300 Days of Sunshine are an untapped Solar Power resource
      • Colorado's location in the heart of the nation and an outdated tranmission grid also an advantage
        • Transforming the national grid to accomodate decentralized power sources would be huge jobs program
    • The "Saudi Arabia of Wind" beginning on Colorado's Eastern Plains also untapped
      • Colorado farmers and ranchers hit hard by drought can be helped by leases of land for wind turbine installation
    • Federal government can help grow solar and wind industries with tax credits
  7. The US and Colorado can also lead the way in creating a Trans-Carbon Economy
    • Carbon Capture Technology can work with the existing energy infrastructure

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