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Indian Peaks, Continental Divide, Colorado

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I support a state-funded (but not state-run) life insurance program here in Colorado providing at least $10,000 to the designated beneficiaries of each and every state resident upon that resident's death.

In the interests of full disclosure, please note that I am a licensed and practicing (quite successfully, I might add) life insurance agent here in the Centennial State, and such a state-funded program using licensed agents and insurance companies to get death benefits in the hands of beneficiaries in a timely and compassionate manner would of course benefit everyone in my industry. Also note that I have seen what the lack of life coverage does to a family of limited means, and $10,000 benefits indexed for inflation going forward would go a long way towards alleviating the financial strain created by the death of a loved one and also be a model for other states.

Finally, note that since the average life expectancy of a Coloradan is 80 years, the total annual tax per resident needed to cover such a program would be $125, which could easily be funded by the carbon sales tax I've also proposed.

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