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Indian Peaks, Continental Divide, Colorado

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All other reform starts with Electoral reform, and I applaud the Approval Voting for Colorado organization for coming up with the great (and simple) idea of Approval Voting. Under Approval Voting, which I support as the Chairman of the Unity Party of Colorado and would also support as Governor, voters are allowed to vote for as many candidates as they like, and the candidate with the highest number of votes wins.

For example, Jane Smith can vote for the Republican, Democratic, and Green Party candidates, but choose not to vote for the Libertarian candidate on the ballot. John Smith can vote for the Republican, Democrat and Libertarian candidates, but choose not to vote for the Green Party candidate. As you can see, each voter is given more opportunity for expression, including for third-party candidates they're inclined to support.

  • No more accusations of vote "splitting" or "stealing"
  • Voters are allowed to vote their favorite, and not the "Lesser of Two Evils"
  • Makes for more rational results, especially in 3+ candidate Primary Elections
  • Doesn't require any changes to our current election systems, voting machines or ballots

  • For the complete Hammons 2018 Campaign Platform click here

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