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Indian Peaks, Continental Divide, Colorado

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As a United States Senator I would propose a replacement of the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971 (perhaps it's no coincidence that the acronym "FECA" brings to mind another word) with, among other, things, a provision imposing a 40-year Jubilee on any Federal election committee connected with any party which has failed to place an elected official in either House of Congress or the White House within the last 40 years.

In other words, I'm proposing the dissolution of the Green, Libertarian and other parties at the Federal level; none of these parties have won a single federal election in their decades of existence and need to make room for other parties.

To emphasize my point with the national history of Colorado's three minors:

  • The Constitution Party's Most Notable Electoral Success:
    • In 2006, Rick Jore became the first and to-date only Constitution Party candidate elected to a state-level office (Montana House of Representatives).
      • The Constitution Party of Montana had disaffiliated itself from the national party a short time before Jore's election.
  • The Green Party's Most Notable Electoral Successes:
    • Audie Bock, elected to the California State Assembly in 1999
      • Representing Oakland, by far one of the most liberal cities in one of the most liberal states in America
      • Received less than 9% of vote in initial round of special election
      • Only won after single opponent offered free fried chicken to voters
      • Switched her registration to Independent seven months later
      • Promptly lost her November 2000 bid for re-election
    • John Eder, Green member of the Maine House of Representatives elected in 2002
    • Richard Carroll, elected to the Arkansas House of Representatives in 2008
      • Switched parties to become a Democrat five months after his election
      • Promptly lost his Democratic Primary by 80% to 20%
    • Fred Smith, elected to the Arkansas House of Representatives in 2012
      • Only won when opponent kicked off ballot on Election Day
      • Won with only 2,200 (or 11%) of the vote
      • Subsequently ran in the Democratic Primary and lost with 530 votes
  • The Libertarian Party's Most Notable Electoral Successes:
    • In 1988, The Rev. Dr. James W. Clifton made history by becoming the first Libertarian to win office in a partisan contest, for city council in Addison, Michigan (total population of the village of Addison in 2010: 605).
    • The most recent Libertarian candidate elected to a state legislature was Steve Vaillancourt, to the New Hampshire House of Representatives in 2000.
      • On average, each member of the New Hampshire House represents about 3,300 residents.
      • Vaillancourt had lost the Democratic primary for a seat in the New Hampshire Senate that year and accepted the Libertarian nomination so as to keep his House seat.
  • For the complete Hammons Campaign Platform click here

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