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Indian Peaks, Continental Divide, Colorado

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(Candidate Bill Hammons Platform Position)

I don't agree with much of what George W. Bush did, but *do* agree with his labeling of the Global War on Terrorism.

I blogged way back in 2005 about what should be done in Syria and wrote way, way back in 1989 about the phenomenon of Global Warming which is the root cause of the Syrian conflict (it's no coincidence Syria was experiencing its worst drought in a 1,000 years when the fighting broke out), and it's unfortunate that now our chickens have come home to roost.

While only one individual who was an actual refugee was involved in the recent Paris attacks, migratory terrorism is a legitimate concern, and the West also needs native-born fighters to assist in the ground war which is now inevitable (I can stand by my previous stance that the United States should stay out of Iraq, if for no other reason than Iraq effectively no longer exists). Therefore I propose that all male refugees from Syria ages 18-48 be asked to agree to be transported to the Greek island of Crete to form a Syrian Expeditionary Force which can later land on Syria's Mediterranean coast to assist with the toppling of the Assad regime, the crushing of ISIS, and the formation of a stable post-war democracy.

Such a force should of course be supported with NATO airpower and Special Forces, and those men and women who agree to serve in an SEF should be rewarded with slightly expedited processing and entry into the U.S. and European Union nations for their relatives who are not of fighting age.

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