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Indian Peaks, Continental Divide, Colorado

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Voter Guide CONFIRMATION / Thank you!

League of Women Voters via
Sep 1 (3 days ago)

to Bill
Dear Bill Hammons,

Thank you for participating in the Voter Guide. The League of Women Voters appreciates your commitment to voter education.

The Voter Guide for the November general election will go live on Tuesday, September 13th. We ask that your refer voters to this great resource as you campaign.

For your reference, here are your responses. If you wish to make updates, please contact the appropriate League's VOTE411 Coordinator below.

I was born in Germany to a career Army officer, grew up in Odessa, Texas of Friday Night Lights fame, graduated from NYU in 1997 with a degree in English and American Literature, was the Rights Manager at Newsweek for seven years, and moved to Colorado over a decade ago for the views and trails.
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1020 Kent Street
Boulder, Colorado 80303
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What is your number one priority and why?
My #1 priority is creating unity on positions that at least a plurality of Americans can agree on, such as a Balanced Budget Amendment, Term Limits, the outlawing of Gerrymandering (the drawing of legislative districts along party lines) at all levels of government and enhancing energy security by moving beyond fossils. I believe such unity is possible and we just need to move beyond the current slate of politicians and parties who have for too long enjoyed the insidious benefits of incumbency.

Health Care: What would a health care system in the United States look like that would cover all citizens, including Members of Congress, and others who need health care?
We need to do away with the inherently unstable Obamacare system (I for one lost a perfectly fine Humana plan thanks to our current President) and immediately transition to a Medicare-for-All system by dropping the eligibility age from 65 to -1 to cover everybody from womb to tomb. This new Medicare can of course be streamlined and improved upon, and veterans can be included as well after the antiquated VA system is phased out. In short, I support government-funded, but not government-run, healthcare for all.
Also, I support the ColoradoCare initiative that will be on the ballot this November.

National Security: What legislation would you be willing to support in order to curb the infliction of mass casualties on citizens?
We need to remember that 9-11 happened on the watch of a President who most likely would not have been President had it not been for his deep roots in the so-called "Grand Old Party." America's political system needs to be reformed so that third parties are given more of a voice in government and government in general becomes more of a meritocracy.
More to the point, and in light of the fact that it's only a matter of time before countries like North Korea are able to aim a nuclear-tipped missile at any point in the American heartland, I support legislation which would revive Reagan's Strategic Defense Initiative. Supporters of SDI should seize America's imagination by embracing the "Star Wars" moniker, and much of the research and development involved in creating a workable defense system would most likely occur right here in Colorado, helping our state's economy.
In regards to non-state-sponsored terrorism, I am a firm supporter of the 4th Amendment protections against unreasonable searches, but I also think it reasonable that American citizens waive their 4th Amendment rights if and when they associate with known real or aspiring terrorists. The Patriot Act was Orwellian in the extreme, and it's good that Congress has found its reason again in recent years. I have no problem with intelligence, security and police officers being allowed to do their job of protecting all of us, but judges should also be allowed to do their job of watching the watchers.

National Security: What do you view as the biggest threat to national security both from external threats and internal threats?
See above.
Our biggest threats are terrorism created by state-sponsored technology and terrorism created by non-state-sponsored ideology.

Money in Politics What legislation would you support to address money in politics?
I support a Constitutional Amendment term-limiting members of the Supreme Court so that we'll get more commonsense rulings. Reasonable limits on money prevent the rich from yelling "fire!" in the crowded theater that is American politics.
Also, a Balanced Budget Amendment would force the government to get its priorities straight. If taxpayers have to pay for every cent of spending in real time, they won't tolerate gross inefficiencies resulting from naked campaign-contribution bribery.

Immigration: What proposal(s) do you suggest to resolve the immigration issue?
I don't support mass deportation of illegal immigrants. However, I don't support rewarding an illegal act of entry with citizenship; those already here should be allowed to continue to work and pay taxes as long as they commit no crimes, and their children born here should be allowed to become citizens.
With the advent of global warming, the security of our southern border will become more of an issue in coming years (especially since we don't have a sea like the Mediterranean to protect us).

Thank you for your commitment to public service and voter education!


League of Women Voters of Colorado 2016 VOTE411 Coordinator

Karen Connor,, 970-275-1314

DID YOU KNOW? The League of Women Voters does not endorse or oppose candidates or political parties. For over 96 years, our mission has been to educate and inform voters to increase their participation in local government. For more information about League go to (Links to all our local Leagues can be found at this site.)

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