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Indian Peaks, Continental Divide, Colorado

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Unity Party Currently Has 976 Affiliated Voters

Joel Albin
Nov 15 (5 days ago)

to Kristine, me

Mr. Hammons,

The Unity Party currently has 976 affiliated voters. If this number reaches 1,000, we will contact you.

You will have to be more specific about what forms you are attempting to complete for your candidacy. At this point for the 2018 process, the only forms that would need to be completed are the on-line candidate affidavit form that is completed at this link:

And the personal financial disclosure form, which I have attached. If you have any problems completing these forms, please contact Kris in Campaign Finance at 303-894-2200 x6371, and she can assist you.

Lastly, when the election is over (meaning that all 64 counties have certified their results and closed their elections in the voter registration system), our office will send you a report (I believe on disc) that will include voter registration information for the entire state. This report is free of charge since you are a recognized party in Colorado. I will be sure to ask the administrator who sends out this information to include you on the list to receive the report. The report will be sent out in early to mid-December.


Joel Albin
Ballot Access Manager
Elections Division
Colorado State Department

From: Bill Hammons []
Sent: Monday, November 14, 2016 9:06 PM
To: Public Elections ; Joel Albin ; Jeffrey Mustin ; Judd Choate ; Hilary Rudy
Subject: Upcoming Minor Party Status for Unity Party + Guv Candidacy

Evening All,

(And hello again Judd and Hilary.)

I'll try to make this email as short as possible:

First, you might've noticed that "Unity" is closing in on the 1K affiliated voter mark, which would of course take us from QPO to Minor Party status.

Stats are only posted the 1st of the month, but could you kindly confirm if we've already passed the 1K mark based on the numbers at your fingertips? (Please note that your own site quotes the statutes as "1,000 or more registered electors are affiliated with the QPO" without specifying if that 1,000 is otherwise announced publicly.) Since we were already at 857 voters as of Nov. 1st and Colorado allowed registration through the 8th, I'd consider it likely that we've already passed the 1K threshold, in which case we of course need to discuss details about new requirements and opportunities.

Speaking of r's and o's, please note I'm in the process of declaring as a Unity Party candidate for Governor in 2018, and saw that I'll need to fill out a few forms over the next few weeks (please kindly provide pdfs [note your online pdf versions were not working even with newly updated Adobe software] and appropriate pointers).

Going back to the party status issue: I freely admit one of the reasons I'm running for statewide office for the 3rd time is to keep "Unity" moving towards full party status, so it'll be useful to know asap if we've already achieved a party status that would put my candidacy in a whole new light.

One last thing: is it indeed true that a statewide registered voter list is only $50? I imagine if we want the voter info through Election Day we'll have to wait until the release of the Dec 1st numbers. Is that correct?

Thank you for your reading of yet another of my lengthy emails!

Paid for by the Hammons for Colorado Committee. Copyright Hammons for Colorado.