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Indian Peaks, Continental Divide, Colorado

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(Once-Potential Candidates in Italics)

General Election Candidates
(In Ballot Order)
  1. US Senator Michael Bennet (D)
  2. El Paso County Commissioner Darryl Glenn (R)
  3. Ex-State Party Chair, 2014 State Rep Nom. Lily Williams (L)
  4. Ex-Eagle County Comm'r and Snowboard Instructor Arn Menconi (G)
  5. Party Chair, Businessman, 2014 Candidate Bill Hammons (Unity)
    (Signed declaration to limit service to no more than 2 terms)
  6. 2014 US Rep Candidate Dan Chapin (Unaffiliated)
  7. Businessman, Dance Instructor Paul Noel Fiorino (Unaffiliated)
Democratic Primary Candidates
  1. US Senator Michael Bennet (Incumbent)
Republican Primary Candidates
  1. Robert Blaha, Businessman and 2012 US House Candidate
  2. Charlie Ehler, Retired USAF Veteran and Tea Party Activist
  3. Jerry Eller, Ex-Insurance Agent and Disabled Army Veteran
  4. Ryan Frazier, Ex-City Councilor, Ex-NSA Spook, Ex-US Rep Nom.
  5. Darryl Glenn, El Paso County Commissioner
  6. Jack Graham, Ex-CSU Athletic Director and Businessman
  7. Tom Janich, Ex-Brighton School Board Member and Realtor
  8. Jon Keyser, Ex-State Rep, Iraq/Afghan War Veteran, Attorney
  9. Michael Kinlaw, Mortgage Broker
  10. Peg Littleton, El Paso County Comm'r, Realtor, Ex-Teacher
  11. Greg Lopez, Ex-SBA State Dir., Ex-Parker Mayor, Veteran
  12. Tim Neville, State Senator and Businessman
  13. Donald Rosier, Jefferson County Commissioner, Businessman
  1. George Brauchler, Arapahoe County District Attorney
  2. Ken Buck, US Representative and 2010 US Senate Nominee
  3. Cynthia Coffman, Colorado Attorney General
  4. Mike Coffman, US Representative, former Colorado Secretary of State and former Colorado State Treasurer
  5. Owen Hill, Colorado State Senator and 2014 US Senate Candidate
  6. Gale Norton, former US Secretary of the Interior, former Colorado Attorney General and 1996 US Senate Candidate
  7. Josh Penry, former Colorado State Senator
  8. Ellen Roberts, Colorado State Senator
  9. Mark Scheffel, Majority Leader of the Colorado State Senate
  10. Walker Stapleton, Colorado State Treasurer
  11. Amy Stephens, Colorado State Representative and 2014 US Senate Candidate
  12. Scott Tipton, US Representative
  13. Brian Watson, Real Estate developer
  14. Rob Witwer, former Colorado State Representative
Boiling Frog Party Candidates
  1. Gary Swing, Festival Promoter, Peace Activist, Frequent Candidate
Green Party Candidates
  1. Arn Menconi, Ex-Eagle County Comm'r and Snowboard Instructor
Libertarian Party Candidates
  1. Gaylon Kent, Brinks Driver, Navy Veteran, 2014 Nominee
  2. Lily Williams, Ex-State Party Chair, 2014 State Rep Nom.
Unity Party of America Candidates
  1. Bill Hammons, Party Chair, Businessman, 2014 Candidate

Complete Single List of Primary Season Candidates


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