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As of October 16th and according to (the website created and run by Nate Silver, the statistician who's correctly predicted the outcome of the Presidential vote in 99 out of the last 100 state contests [in the years 2008 and 2012]), Clinton currently leads with 340 electoral votes versus 215 for Trump in the Electoral College (270 to win).

However, it's very likely Silver's and our luck is going to run out on Election Night 2016. Below are the 15 US States with less than 100% or even 0% paper records for verification of their electronic voting systems (in other words, if something goes wrong with the electronic record, there's no way to go back and do a recount).

While voting systems and voter registration systems in all 50 states will undoubtedly be targeted by Russian and other hackers up to and on Election Night, the systems in these states are especially vulnerable.

The irony about Trump's obsession with electoral fraud is that he will most likely be the beneficiary of any cyberattack (he's set to lose big in any fair election against Clinton, and Putin for one would love to hand him the US Presidency and perhaps even have everyone know it).

The asterisks next to the Electoral College votes indicate a state currently favoring Clinton, but whose vote could be hacked and given to Trump instead (note that a voting machine itself doesn't need to be compromised; the computers used to tally the results at the precinct and local level could be much more easily tampered with on a massive scale if they're connected to the Internet at any time, and, at the very least, chaos could be created on Election Night).

In theory, 79 electoral votes from the below list most likely belonging to Clinton could instead be thrown to Trump by theft; do the math, and suddenly Trump leads Clinton 284 to 261 in the Electoral College, making him the next President of the United States.

  1. Arkansas: 6
  2. Delaware: 3*
  3. Florida: 29*
  4. Georgia: 16
  5. Indiana: 11
  6. Kansas: 6
  7. Kentucky: 8
  8. Louisiana: 8
  9. Mississippi: 6
  10. New Jersey: 14*
  11. Pennsylvania: 20*
  12. South Carolina: 9
  13. Tennessee: 11
  14. Texas: 38
  15. Virginia: 13*

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